When purchasing a home, you should consider the importance of performing a pool inspection prior to the finalization of the contract. A pool inspection can act as leverage in negotiating the sales price, at times, resulting in considerable savings for the potential homeowner. Purchasing a home with a problematic pool could lead to soaring future expenses, many of which could have easily been detected by our experienced pool inspectors. 

An inadequately maintained pool can present you with three major issues: (1) expensive repairs, (2) property damage, and (3) safety dangers to you, your family, and guests. At Axiom, we take safety very seriously and offer many suggestions on how to make your pool a safe and enjoyably swimming experience for you and your guest.


 The inspection criteria for pool and spa systems will include the following:

  • Identify type of pool construction
  • lack of electrical bonding on motors, blowers and other electrical equipment
  • absence of a child safety barrier around the pool
  • water leaks in above-ground pipes and equipment
  • absence or failure in performance of ground-fault circuit interrupter protection devices
  • condition of decking, tile work, plaster and coping
  • condition of slides, steps, diving boards, hand rails or other attached equipment
  • condition of drains, skimmers and valves
  • condition of filters, gauges, pumps, motors, controls and sweeps
  • condition of lighting fixtures
  • water heating systems attached to the pool or spa
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Our Home Inspection and Construction Inspection service area includes property in and around the DFW Metroplex, including the following cities:

Allen AubreyCarrolltonCelinaCoppellCorinthCross RoadsDallasDentonDFWFairviewFarmersvilleFlower MoundFriscoGarland, GrapevineHighland Village, KrumLake DallasLewisvilleLittle ElmLucasMckinneyMelissa, Murphy, Oak Point, Pilot PointPlano, Princeton, ProsperProvidence Village, RichardsonSachseSangerSavannahThe ColonyWylie